This Privacy Policy applies to all BitAsset services. BitAsset Limited respects and protects all user's privacy. To provide more accurate and more personalised service, BitAsset will use your personal and corporate information, with high diligence. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, BitAsset will not disclose or provide your information to any third party. This policy will be updated as needed. When you agree to BitAsset service agreement, you have agreed to this privacy policy.


Your information include any information provided by you and the information BitAsset collected, including your browser and devices, IP addresses, type of browser, language, date and time of access, software and hardware identity and your HTTP request, and any information BitAsset has legally acquired from third parties.

2、Usage of Information

BitAsset Limited will not provide, sell, let, share or trade your information unless with explicit consent from you. BitAsset Limited also prohibit any third party to collect, amend, sell or publish your information. Any user who have been deemed by BitAsset to have violated other user's privacy will be terminated.

3、Disclosure of Information

Under the following condition, BitAsset Limited will disclose your information: With your consent, to a third party; When received intellectual property right owners' complaint, At request of any administrative or law enforcement agency; If you request service from a third party and it's necessary to disclose; To your transaction counter-party on request; To resolve any transaction dispute.

4、Storage and Interchange of Information

Your information are safely stored on servers owned by BitAsset or any related companies. They may be transmitted outside the territory where the information is collected.

5、Usage of Cookies

Unless explicitly declined cookies by you, BitAsset will set up and access cookies to enable you to access and use any services that requires cookies. BitAsset use cookies to provide personalised service, including promotions. You have the right to decline cookies by changing settings in the browser you use. You may be unable to access any or all service BitAsset provides without cookies.

6、Information Security

Your account has security protection features. Please store your login details safely. BitAsset will use any permissible technical methods to backup and encrypt your information. You are reminded that there are no absolute security on the internet. You are advised to provide your information only when necessary. Please contact BitAsset customer services if you have any concern about the safety of your information.

If you have not reached the legally responsible age, you are not permitted to use any BitAsset services. Any information related to you should not be provided to BitAsset.