Service Terms and Conditions

This is a legally binding contract between You and the operator of BitAsset.BitAsset Limited, the operator of BitAsset services, has the legal responsibility of operating the exchange platform and any related services, including but not limited to the website at . Please refer to the corporate information at the bottom section of the BitAsset home page.

Content and authorisation

This contract includes the main text in this document and the current and all future published rules, terms and conditions. All fore-mentioned content forms inseparable parts of this agreement and has the same legal affect. Unless otherwise declared, all matters between You and BitAsset Limited and its affiliated companies are governed by tis agreement. You should carefully review all information in this agreement before conducting business with BitAsset. Any concerns should be raised with BitAsset Limited. By conducting business with BitAsset, You are deemed to have read and understand the full content of this agreement.

Registration and Account

You affirm that by completing the registration procedure or utilising other services as permitted by BitAsset, you are qualified and is consent to use other service as defined by civil law and regulations in the jurisdiction You use BitAsset services. If you do not have such qualification, you and anyone responsible legally for your conduct agreed to be bound by this agreement. BitAsset may take actions it deems appropriate, including cancellation and permanent blocking of your account. BitAsset may seek compensation arises from your conduct to any legally responsible person to you.
2、Registration and Account
You are deemed to have signed this agreement once you complete the registration process, or access any other permitted BitAsset services. You are able to log in to BitAsset services by using your confirmed e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers or any other permitted login details. You are required to provide your real name, identification documents by law. If you provide any false, inaccurate or out-dated information, BitAsset will take no responsibility to any direct or indirect losses that may arise to You.
Your BitAsset account could only be held and used by You. BitAsset may place restrictions, freeze or close Your account if it deems that Your account is being used by any third party.
You should provide true, up-to-date, accurate and complete identity information as prompted in the registration process. This is required by law. BitAsset may ask you to update your identity information from time to time. If BitAsset deems you have provided incorrect or outdated identity information, BitAsset may suspend any service provided or close your account without compensation.
4、Account Security
You are responsible to keep your BitAsset login details safe. You are responsible for any businesses conducted using Your login details, including but not limited to the disclosure of information, publishing any information, signing any agreements or purchase of services. You agree:a)On discovery of any unauthorised third party use of Your login details or any other suspected activity, you will notify BitAsset immediately;b)You will follow any security, authentication, transaction, deposit and withdrawal process required by BitAsset;c)You will properly sign off once finish using BitAsset services.You understand that BitAsset will take technical action to prevent your loss, however, any losses already incurred before such action is your own responsibility.

BitAsset Services

As a member, You are permitted by BitAsset to publish and discover orders, making orders and complete transactions, participate in promotions and other informational and technical services as permitted. You may dispute any transactions made with other members and you authorise BitAsset to make judgement and take appropriate actions considered by BitAsset.You understand and agree that BitAsset Limited has obligations to provide any information you have provided to BitAsset with or without explicit consent to governmental authorities, including civil or law enforcement agencies. If You are deemed to have violated any third party's rights, including intellectual property rights, you authorise BitAsset to provide necessary to the right holder.Any tax, duties, governmental charges that may arise from your actions on BitAsset platform, and any cost, including hardware, software, services, are Your own responsibility. Transactions made on BitAsset platform are final. BitAsset has the discretion to close any of your positions.

Code of Conduct

You agree that you will use BitAsset service legally as permitted by relative countries and territories, you will follow BitAsset's rules and requirements, will not damage public interest and public morale, will not damage other people's legal rights, will not evade taxes and duties, and abide this agreement. If You violates the agreement, you will take all legal responsibilities and cover any damage BitAsset Limited and its affiliated companies. You will act with honesty when trading with other members, will not misuse the market and will not disrupt the market orders. You will not use BitAsset data commercially. You are not permitted to copy, publish any information from BitAsset platform. You will not use any devices, software or scripts to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operations of BitAsset platform. You will not transmit oversized data packets unnecessary to transactions to BitAsset.

You understand and agree that BitAsset has its discretion to consider whether you have violated this agreement and take appropriate actions, including suspending service access to You, closing orders, deleting information.

Limits of Responsibility

You understand that some information on BitAsset are generated by other users and may contain risks or defects. BitAsset only make the user generated information available to you, without any control of the quality, security or lawfulness. You should take precautions while using such information.

You understand that some information on BitAsset are generated by other users and may contain risks or defects. BitAsset only make the user generated information available to you, without any control of the quality, security or lawfulness. You should take precautions while using such information.

Unless relative territories law requires or the following situation arises, BitAsset has no responsibility to validate any user's identity, digital asset information and transactions: BitAsset deems the user's conduct may have violated any law or regulations or user agreement. You accept BitAsset's judgement when any dispute has been processed by BitAsset and bear all costs and compensations arises.

You understand and agree that BitAsset Limited or any authorised third party are not legal enforcement agencies, could only use evidences without any investigative power.


You agree that BitAsset Limited has discretion to suspend or terminate providing any services to you without notice. When Your service has been terminated, BitAsset is no longer able to disclose any account information to you.You agree that even after the termination of this agreement, BitAsset Limited still has the right to store any information related to You, continue to seek any of your responsibility arises from your transactions, complete any transactions and notify your transaction counterparts.

Privacy Policy

BitAsset Limited will publish this section as its Privacy Policy, and may update this section at its websites.